HASCON Exclusive My Little Pony D&D Dice Set Teased

Through the Dungeons and Dragons Facebook page, Hasbro has released a teaser of their upcoming HASCON exclusive My Little Pony D&D dice set. The attractive pink dice come in a storage tin decorated with artwork of the Mane Six sporting adventuring attire, including Rainbow Dash in her roguish role play costume from the Season 6 episode “Dungeons & Discords”.

The dice set will be available exclusively at HASCON. While they’re branded for Hasbro’s own Dungeons and Dragons, we’re pretty sure they’ll roll equally well for the official Tails of Equestria role play game or the fan-led Aspirations of Harmony D20-based system. You can see the original post on Facebook here.
The first ever HASCON runs September 8-10 in Providence, Rhode Island. Tickets are available here.
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