Hasbro Studios Site Update Confirms More Episodes for Robots in Disguise!

The official website of Hasbro Studios has updated their Robots in Disguise section with a brief plot summary of the current season of Transformers: Robots in Disguise. Continue for more details.

Hasbro Studios’ season synopsis refers to the current season as Season 4 (known as Season 3 to most), which most likely makes the Return of Starscream/Mini-Con Weaponizers mini-series as Season 3.

Combine and conquer Season 4 with your favorite Transformers: Robots in Disguise. Bumblebee’s rogue team of young Autobots increases their sphere of influence and their fight against the Decepticons from the Antarctic to the moon! Whether handling road races or runaway trains, fugitives or viruses, this team is out of the shadows and ready to combine and conquer! Blurr Roll into adventure with new teammates and your favorite Transformers: Robots in Disguise.
Production: 2014-2016
Episodes: 78 x 22 minutes

In addition, confirmation of another mini-series seems to be alluded to in season synopsis with the 78 total episode count. The confirmed 26 episode season of Combiner Force only brings a total of 71 episodes for the series, which leaves us with 7 episodes as a possible mini-series series finale. Only time will tell, perhaps we’ll learn more next weekend at SDCC!

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