Hasbro Earnings up by $12 Million in Q2 2017

We interrupt a day of exciting photo leaks to report the good news that Hasbro is still turning profits. According to a press release sent out by the publicly traded company today, earnings increased 30 percent since the same quarter of 2016 to a total of $67 million. More details for the financially minded after the jump.

Hasbro’s earnings represented 7 percent of their total revenue of $972 million for the quarter ending July 2, up from $878 million in 2016. Hasbro segments its earnings into a brand portfolio including franchise brands (which includes our beloved TRANSFORMERS), partner brands, Hasbro gaming, and emerging brands. The breakdown was as follows:

  • Franchise brands: $545 million, up from $452 million in 2016. Hasbro credited this 21 percent growth to TRANSFORMERS, Nerf, Magic: The Gathering, and Monopoly.
  • Partner brands: $230 million, up 1 percent from $227 million in 2016. This category includes licensed properties such as Marvel and Star Wars.
  • Hasbro gaming: $133 million, up 6 percent from $126 million in 2016. This category comprises tabletop games like Operation and Dungeons & Dragons. Notably, Hasbro considers Monopoly and Magic to be part of its franchise category, but stated that if those were rolled into gaming, the category would have had a 20 percent increase.
  • Emerging brands: $62 million, and the only category to experience a loss – down 14 percent from $73 million in 2016. Hasbro blamed poor sales in Playskool, Super Soaker, and Easy-Bake Oven products for this decline.

Although we have been seeing some cuts to the Generations format – 2017 receiving three fewer deluxe-class figures than most previous Generations waves, the cancellation of two five-packs, and Power of the Primes leaks seemingly indicating fewer new molds per wave – it’s good to see that Hasbro is still a healthy corporation and our favorite Cybertronians are helping lead the charge.
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