Flame Toys Drift Gallery, TFsource Preorder

Site sponsor TFsource have provided a high-quality gallery of Flame Toys’ upcoming licensed Drift collector action figure, for which preorders have just opened. The images showcase the figure’s dynamic posability and tight detailing in high-resolution action.
As a fully licensed collector figure, Drift is a non-transforming but loving recreation of his appearance in Shane McCarthy and Alex Milne’s Drift miniseries, emphasizing the design’s dynamic curves and anime-inspired detailing. Drift’s mechanical details pop, from the small vent or thruster details in his back and arms and hints of the internal mechanics at his shoulder and ankle joints to the fine touches in the grips of his characteristic three swords.
On display in the gallery below are the figure’s three interchangeable facial expressions, wire-supported fabric cloak, LED light features, expressive interchangeable hands, and a visored battle mask.
You can preorder Drift from TFsource for $299.99 here. The Autobot samurai is expected to land in December to January.

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