First Full-Color Pics of Diaclone Big Powered GV!

Via Facebook, we have a gallery of what appears to be the first full-color visuals of the TakaraTomy’s upcoming Diaclone revival Big Powered GV! The images also gives us our first look at the toy’s alternate modes, as well as an apparent release date and price. Click through for more details and a full gallery.

According to posts on several Facebook Diaclone groups, the toy is slated to be released in November 2017 with a price tag of 27,500 yen. Since we’re not entirely sure where these information originates, treat it with a grain of salt! But the toy certainly does appear to be the same as the unpainted test shot that TakaraTomy has shown at several previous trade shows.
The image shows that Big Powered can split up into five smaller vehicles: Powered 01, 02, 03, and 04/05 which are shown as a single image. 01 and 02 can combine into the larger Sky Powered, while 03 and 04/05 become Gaia Powered. Both combine into Big Powered’s full robot form. The images also show a base mode with several Powered Suits on deck (the vintage Big Powered interacted heavily with the suits). With Diaclone Expo coming up in two days, we’re sure to get official information on these toys soon.

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