Even More TakaraTomy stock images of Transformers Legends Bumble, Slugslinger, Perceptor, and Octone

Hot on the heels of the first image reveals yesterday, TakaraTomy have released more detailed images of the four new Legends counterparts to Titans Return Bumblebee, Slugslinger, Perceptor, and Octane, showcasing particularly their new partners. (“Partner” may be a strong word for Octone’s relationship with Starscream’s ghost!)
Highlights here include a much closer look at the new-mold Exo-Suit Spike; the new Caliburst figure; and Perceptor’s Headmaster, the sculpt of which, based on the G1 Perceptor toy, much more effectively captures the likeness in this new deco than it did in the Titans Return treatment. You can see our more complete run-downs of these figures and what’s new here in our previous story.
The four figures are also now listed on TakaraTomy Mall.

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Thanks to our own Type-Q for the tip!