More Diaclone News: Better Images of Big Powered GV, Release Details, New Pilot Set!

Thanks to an update from Snakas, we have further details on the upcoming release of Big Powered GV, including confirmation of pricing, higher quality images, and a listing for a new set of Dianauts. More information after the jump.

Snakas’ blog points to two preorder listings on
DA-14 Big Powered GV confirms the figure’s price of 27,500 yen and release date of November 2017. It also shows that the figure comes with three Dianaut pilots and one Powered Suit E-Type, with pictures of each. We’ve updated our original GV gallery with these photos.
DA-15 Big Powered Trooper Set is listed at 3,000 yen and releases the same month as GV. It includes five Dianauts and two “Roadviper” motorcycles (the same that originally came with Diabattles V2) in blue/white color schemes. Photos of this set are below.

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