CBC News Interview with John Barber, James Roberts, and Mairghread Scott,

As the TFCon convention in Mississauga, Ontario is underway, Canada’s national broadcaster CBC has run a story on IDW’s Transformers comics, interviewing main series writers John Barber of Optimus Prime, James Roberts of Lost Light, and Mairghread Scott of Till All Are One (alas, no artists in this interview).

The interview does not give any new information, but it does reflect on what the IDW series have accomplished and where they are headed, namely the upcoming First Strike crossover. Barber, Roberts, and Scott talk fembots, conjunxes, creative freedom, and diverse audiences.
As the article notes:

CBC film reviewer Eli Glasner had unbridled scorn for Transformers: The Last Knight, calling it a “cinematic slurry” and awarding it one out of five stars. But what about the comics? He checked out a few issues from IDW’s offerings, and came away impressed.

Bravo, IDW, bravo.
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Cover of Till All Are One #1 by Sara Pitre-Durocher


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