Beast Wars II and Neo Settei Sheet Scans – Cyborg Beast Retrax, Control Art, Character Models, and More!

If you’re a fan of Japanese Beast Wars, you’re in for a treat, and we guarantee this one has only gotten better with age—unlike 19 year old Beast Wars II sausage.
Thanks to the generosity of esteemed Allspark member Spark, we have scans of Beast Wars II and Neo settei sheets won from a Japanese seller on eBay.
Several interesting things are found in the sheets, but the true pièces de résistance is the previously unrevealed Cyborg Beast version of Retrax!

Yes, it seems the deluxe sized Cyborg Beasts may have at one time had another member in the works, as the style is an unmistakable match for the BW II quartet. While the world was regrettably denied the resplendent horror of his cybernetically enhanced death hugs, we can at least take a glimpse at a design that is truly the stuff of nightmares.
But wait, that’s not all! Other noteworthy things found in the images include:

  • Musculature detailing in Longrack’s lower arms in robot mode and a ball jointed tail attachment that differ from the final design
  • A drawing of Sling with a leaf like texture to his skin and flower detailing on the underside of his robot mode feat to help make his plant mode more convincing
  • Bazooka art with his beast mode shell dividing into three plates rather than two
  • Guiledart featuring an extra joint in the pieces that fold out his front beast mode legs allowing the distal segments to jut out in corpse mode like bones
  • Dead End appearing to feature two shell launcher mechanisms rather than the one on the final product

Check out the full gallery of scans for yourself below.

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