Amazon Germany listings for Titan Master Optimus Primal and Toraizer

In late 2016, rumors based on Toys ‘R Us store listings suggested that Titan Master versions of Optimus Prime and the Master Warrior Toraizer would be released, alongside Ramhorn, in Hasbro’s Titans Return line. While Ramhorn, and the other rumors leaked from store listings alongside it – such as Legends Cosmos and Seaspray, and Voyager Broadside – came to pass, nothing has been seen of Optimus and Toraizer… until now. Allspark user Nevermore has discovered listings on Amazon Germany for both Toraizer and Optimus Primal.
Though no pictures are shown, it can be reasonably assumed that Optimus Primal will be based on Titan Master Apeface (in a similar manner to Ape X Arms, an accessory for Convobat based on Primal’s “Optimal Optimus” form); Toraizer is harder to guess at, but his new toy may share tooling with fellow feline Master Warrior Sawback, aka Lione.
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