Additional Info About Upcoming Legends Releases: New Heads? And More!

More information has been found about the recently revealed upcoming releases in Takara’s Legends line, and it seems that Bumblebee & Spike, Octane, and Slugslinger are all getting new mold parts! And in addition we’ve gotten more insight into why MP-10B Black Convoy is getting a rerelease!

As we all know he Legends line has definitely not been shy about adding newly tooled parts in their releases in the line’s pursuit of cartoon accuracy. And it appears that this newest batch is no different.
Facebook group Planet Iacon has posted a product listing for the upcoming releases including notes about new features. It looks like Spike and Octane are going to have new mold faces, and as expected Slugslinger is getting his Targetmaster Caliburst!

The new heads for Octane and Spike’s head mode are the most interesting and puzzling part. Many had assumed Spike was a way for Takara to release the Hasbro version of Cerebros in the Japanese market. And Octane already has a cartoon accurate face, so it remains to be seen what changes any new toolings will bring.
As for MP-10B when this rerelease was first announced many fans wondered why this particular version and why now. Well now we have some insight into that: it turns out it’s to tie into increased interest in Nemesis Prime because of “The Last Knight” being in theaters. So if you’re looking forward to getting your hands on this new MP-10B then be sure to thank Michael Bay for its existence!
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