Action Toys Machine Robo Reveals – New Characters and a New Scale

Action Toys has revealed new product images via Facebook for their Machine Robo line, including 5″ transforming figures of Missile Tank Robo and Shuttle Robo, known in the West as the GoBots Blaster and Spay-C respectively, and a new 7″ Bike Robo / Cy-Kill.
The 5″ figures join last year’s release of the Machine Robo counterparts to Leader-1, Cy-Kill, Snoop, Tank, and Screw Head, appearing to continue the line’s close ties to the Machine Robo: Revenge of Cronos animation designs. Shuttle Robo more specifically corresponds to the smaller of the two toys known in GoBots as Spay-C; Missile Tank Robo reflects the orange design that was initially assigned to Blaster, rather than the later, primarily green one that was more prominent in the Challenge of the GoBots cartoon. No vehicle mode images are included in the releases.
Also solicited is a Bike Robo (Cy-Kill) in a larger 7″ scale in contrast to the existing 5″ figures. While the design is functionally similar to the existing 5″ Bike Robo, the detailing of the 7″ figure appears to more closely mirror that of the original toy with less influence from the anime model, carrying an overall retro aesthetic. The choice of Bike Robo to launch a new, larger-scale lineup also interestingly mirrors the similar use of Bike Robo in the launch of the Big Machine Robo sub-line in 1985.
Fully transformable, highly articulated, and based closely on the animation models from the Machine Robo: Revenge of Cronos anime that provided the Machine Robo toyline’s supporting fiction in Japan, the Action Toys Machine Robo lineup seems the the closest thing to a modern GoBots revival we’re likely to see, although for good or ill, the designs do not represent the unique touch the Hanna-Barbera animation models brought to these design concepts in the Challenge of the Gobots cartoon.
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Thanks to Allspark user ZacWilliam1 for the lead!