2017 Transformers Hall of Fame Voting Information

It’s voting season and you get to help us select the nominees for the sacred hallowed halls of the OFFICIAL Hasbro Transformers Hall of Fame. This year you’ll be helping us select three nominees each for three categories, including a new one sure to please our Movie fans. Continue reading to see them an explanation of the brand new category!

To have your say you’ll need to make sure you have an account on the Allspark Forums, the leading fandom discussion forum for nearly twenty years! You will be posting your ballots including your top 3 choices for the following categories right here. And don’t worry if you’re not quite ready to decide and want to discuss or playfully argue about it we have a discussion only thread here. Please get your nominations in by 5pm EST Friday July 14th.



· 2017 TRANSFORMERS HASBRO TOY OF THE YEAR (Fictional Robot Character)

And here is an explanation for the brand new Movie category straight from Hasbro.
“In a fun twist this year, in celebration of the release of Transformers: The Last Knight and the 10 year anniversary of the film franchise, any character that appears in the films is eligible for nomination in the ‘Favorite Movie Character’ category regardless of their nomination or induction previously (if Megatron can win for G1 and Beast Wars, it is only fair!).”
As a reminder previously inducted characters cannot be renominated. As a reminder here are the previous inductees, including the humans even though we’re not voting for them.
Fictional Character Inductees:

  • Arcee* (Class of 2014)
  • Bumblebee (Class of 2010)
  • Dinobot* (Class of 2010)
  • Grimlock (Class of 2012)
  • Ironhide (Class of 2011)
  • Jazz (Class of 2012)
  • Megatron (Class of 2010)
  • Megatron – Beast Wars* (Class of 2013)
  • Optimus Prime (Class of 2010)
  • Predaking (Class of 2015)
  • Prowl (Class of 2015)
  • Ratchet (Class of 2011)
  • Rodimus* (Class of 2014)
  • Shockwave (Class of 2012)
  • Soundwave (Class of 2011)
  • Starscream (Class of 2010)
  • Ultra Magnus* (Class of 2013)
  • Waspinator* (Class of 2011)
  • Wheeljack* (Class of 2012)
  • Optimus Primal (Class of 2016)
  • Cosmos (Class of 2016)

*indicates fan-voted inductee
Human Inductees:

  • Michael Bay (Class of 2011)
  • Bob Budiansky (Class of 2010)
  • Stan Bush (Class of 2014)
  • Peter Cullen (Class of 2010)
  • Vince DiCola (Class of 2015)
  • Simon Furman (Class of 2012)
  • Yoke Hideaki (Class of 2010)
  • Chris Latta (Class of 2012)
  • Kojin Ohno (Class of 2010)
  • Steven Spielberg (Class of 2011)
  • Frank Welker (Class of 2015)
  • Weird Al Yankovic (Class of 2016)
  • David Kaye (Class of 2016)
  • Judd Nelson (Class of 2016)

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