Updated Photos of TakaraTomy Mall Exclusive LG-EX God Ginrai

TakaraTomy has posted updated pictures via Twitter of their upcoming TakaraTomy Mall exclusive LG-EX God Ginrai set.

This God Ginrai exclusive set brings some changes to the set that mirror the original 1988 Super-God Masterforce set: clear blue windows for Super Ginrai, chromed missile and blade for Godbomber, as well as a chrome chest for God Ginrai mode. The set also includes new molds for Headmaster Juniors Minerva and Cab, who so far, will only be available through this set.

LG-EX God Ginrai set is slated to be released through TakaraTomy Mall this November. Thanks to reporter extraordinaire and retired staff member, Powered Convoy, for reporting this news. Follow this link to discuss the images and set on our forum.