Transformers Rescue Bots Academy and Micronauts toons coming from Boulder Media?

Details are scant, but we have word that Dublin-based Boulder Media is hard at work on some Hasbro properties, including Transformers and Rescue Bots. In what could be considered a bit of a surprising move, it turns out there may also be a Micronauts toon on the way!
The news comes to us through an article on Hotpress regarding Boulder’s plans to open a second studio space in Dublin. Boulder Media was acquired by Hasbro last year, so it makes sense that they would want to put their own studio to work on producing content based on their brands. From Hotpress:

The Studio, whose current slate includes animation for ‘Transformers’, ‘Little Pet Shop’ and ‘Rescue Bots Academy’ and ‘Micronauts’ for Hasbro Studios, as well as ‘Danger Mouse’ and ‘Dorothy and the Wonders of Oz’ (Warner Brothers), is ramping up to deliver innovative animation and storytelling across multiple formats and genres.

It’s unclear if Hasbro properites will be actual ongoing series, as “current slate includes animation” could simply refer to clips to be used in advertisements. We’ll keep hopeful, though! How cool would a new Micronauts cartoon be?