TakaraTomy Updates Website With Official Photos of Upcoming Legends Toys

TakaraTomy.co.jp has rolled out a major update with new official photography of all Legends items revealed up to this point, including anticipated releases like Misfire, Kup, Trypticon, and more. Full gallery after the jump.
The website update also reorganized the layout of the Legends minicomics for better readability. Thanks to Allspark user Powered Convoy for sharing this tip. Plan to add these to your collection? Join the discussion on our forum.
LG43 Trypticon

LG44 Sharktron (Sharkticon) and Sweeps

LG45 Targetmaster Hot Rodimus

LG46 Targetmaster Chear (Kup)

LG47 Kickback and Clouder

LG48 Gong (Brawn) and Repug (Repugnus)

LG49 Targetmaster Triggerhappy

LG50 Sixshot

LG51 Targetmaster Doublecross

LG52 Targetmaster Misfire

LG53 Broadside