Takara’s God Ginrai Getting Released as Exclusive Set with New Titan Masters!!

Missed out on Takara’s original release of Ginrai? Maybe you missed out on the God Bomber section? Hasbro’s box set version not cutting it for you? If you answered yes to any of these questions, Allspark sponsor BigBadToyStore may have just made your day!

The online retailer sent out a pre-order announcement this morning saying that Takara’s Ginrai and God Bomber will be releases as a new box set.  This set will include two new Titan Masters as well, Cab and Minerva!  Read the announcement below:

This exclusive box set contains Super Ginrai and Godbomber that can transform from robots to a big rig with trailer and armored trailer. These two figures can also combine to form God Ginrai in both robot and vehicle modes. Also included with this exclusive set are Headmasters Cab and Minerva. This item is priced at $164.99.

You can pre-order this fabulous exclusive here then jump on over to our forums to discuss.
EDIT:  Site sponsor TFSource has also offered this figure for Pre-Order as well.