Shooting Transformers in IMAX 3D and 360° on-set video

A two-minute 360° video glimpse of the filming process for a collection of action sequences for Transformers: The Last Knight has been posted on the film’s YouTube channel.  Filming of a medieval and a WWII combat sequence, as well as a highway chase scene, are recorded from a 360° camera mounted under the 3D IMAX camera boom, so you can explore the Bayhem in every direction and get a glimpse into the on-set experience. Plenty of Michael Bay’s signature pyrotechnics are on display erupting among the camera rigs.

This comes soon after Paramount Pictures’ release of the (similarly two-minute) “IMAX Behind the Frame” featurette, which offers details on the camera rigs used, compares on-set against post-production footage, and – through comments from Michael Bay and leading cast and crew – highlights the innovative and challenging filming process involved, making the case for why this film is one that has to be seen in theaters for the full experience.
Notably, almost all footage in The Last Knight is filmed with the dual-camera IMAX 3D format and process portrayed in the 360° video above.

Transformers: The Last Knight opens Wednesday!