Revolutionaries – New Interview with John Barber & Fico Ossio

Revolutionaries #5 is out next week, and Freak Sugar have an exclusive interview with the delightful crossover comic’s writer, John Barber, and artist, Fico Ossio. Read on for the details!

The interview was carried out in March, so there aren’t any hot-off-the-press details to be had, but it provides lots of interesting insight into the origins and creative process of the madcap Revolutionaries series. You can check out the full interview on FreakSugar’s site, but we’ve included one of our personal highlights from the chat below!

FS: Is there any particular pairing of characters in the debut arc that you especially enjoying having interact with one another?
JB: For me, it’s Kup and Action Man. They’re a team, after the Action Man: Revolution one-shot, and they’re both smart and funny, but really doofy and corny at the same time. They’re fun to bounce off each other. Action Man is happy to have a robot friend and Kup loves that somebody thinks he’s cool.
FO: HA! I was gonna go for a different pairing but now you make me second guess… OK, that’s a great one. Plus Action Man is always fun and has the best interactions with the rest of the group.
I also love Mayday and Blackrock paired up. They kind of get on each other´s nerves… and Blackrock sort of freaks her out. I find that very funny.

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