Revolutionaries #5 Full Preview

Comic Crusaders have released the full five-page preview for Revolutionaries #5, out next Wednesday. Read on for the link and more details.

Thousands of years ago, a starship crashed on Earth—and the Hearts of Steel Transformers were born… but how can these steampunk Cybertronians be real?! And what does Cobra Commander want with them, when he hasn’t even got Cobra to back him up? The Revolutionaries have uncovered one of the darkest and most incredible secrets on Earth!
• The secret history of Cybertonians on Earth—but how can it be!
• Who is behind the Cobra Commander mask?!
• Springing from the fan-favorite Transformers: Hearts of Steel limited series!

You can check out the preview on the Comic Crusaders site. The credits page also reveals that a full eleven out of the issue’s 20 pages will feature Guido Guidi’s fan-favourite retro artwork, chronicling the mysterious history of the Hearts of Steel Transformers!
In related news, the previous adventures of the Hearts of Steel bots are among the Transformers comics currently on sale on comiXology, so be sure to catch up if you haven’t read those adventures before! You can get the four-issue Hearts of Steel mini-series and its two-issue follow-up from Infestation 2 for a total of just 5USD!

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