Own a Piece of Optimus Prime With The Last Knight SDCC 2017 Exclusive

Hasbro has just informed us of an exciting piece of Transformers History with the SDCC release of the Western Star Optimus Prime edition that includes an actual part of the on-screen Optimus Prime truck with a certificate of authenticity.

Following the exciting Transformers: The Last Knight movie release on June 21, fans will have the opportunity to take home a piece of the film with this Voyager Class Optimus Prime figure which will be available for purchase exclusively at Booth #3329 at SDCC 2017. The figure, which converts to Western Star truck mode based on Transformers: The Last Knight, features movie inspired detailing and collectible packaging. It also comes with a free gift with purchase: an authentic piece of truck tire used in the film with a certificate of authenticity from Western Star!

Check out the images below of the highly detailed paint job as well as sample image of the truck tire fans will own forever.