In-Package Images: Titans Return Misfire, Twin Twist, and Windblade!

Following on the heels of the in-hand Windblade images we just shared, we also have a look at three upcoming Titans Return Wave 5 Deluxe figures as they’ll appear on store shelves near you, hopefully soon! Check out these Misfire, Twin Twist, and Windblade in-package images.
The images come to us via Weibo and show off Misfire, Twin Twist, and Windblade sealed on their backing cards with their partner figures Aimless, Flameout, and Scorchfire, respectively. We get a nice look at the card art, and detail-oriented fans can start to pick apart the differences between Hasbro and TakaraTomy’s versions of these figures; Misfire in particular has a few differences we can spot now that we’re not looking at a digitally-tweaked mock-up.