Optimus Prime #8, Revolutionaries #5 & Rom #11 iTunes Previews

The iTunes previews just keep flowing, with our first looks at Optimus Prime #8, Revolutionaries #5 and Rom #11 now available. Read on to check them out!

Optimus Prime #8

Jazz confronts his past—and the Autobot’s future—in front of millions of television viewers. But will he make the people of Earth understand Optimus Prime’s mission… or turn against it?

Revolutionaries #5

Cobra Commander vs. Hearts of Steel! Thousands of years ago, a starship crashed on Earth—and the Hearts of Steel Transformers were born… but how can these steampunk Cybertronians be real?! And what does Cobra Commander want with them, when he hasn’t even got Cobra to back him up? The Revolutionaries have uncovered one of the darkest and most incredible secrets on Earth!

Rom #11

“Long Roads to Ruin,” part 1. Rom’s war against the Wraiths takes a dark turn as he’s forced to fight alone against both the returning, far more dangerous, Axiom, and a dual threat from the ocean depths… Scylla and Charybdis!

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