Official Images of Takara Masterpiece MP-12+ Sideswipe

Thanks to Dengeki Hobby, we have some official images of the upcoming Takara-Tomy Masterpiece MP-12+ Sideswipe (Lambor in the Japanese Market). We first learned about the MP-12+ release at the end of last month with the announcement of the upcoming Masterpiece Sunstreaker (they are brothers after all).
While most know that the original MP-12 Sideswipe was one of the earlier releases in the Masterpiece line, some have questioned what the differences in the release are.  Well, from the images we’ve seen so far, the major differences that stand out include blueish tinting of the windows and a new facial expression.  While these differences may not amount to much for those already owning the original MP-12, those that missed the first release will be happy to get Sunstreaker’s twin.

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