New Details on Transformers at the Inaugural HasCon

For those of you still debating whether to go to HasCon or not, Hasbro has just posted a new video on their Transformers Facebook page to win you over. The video mentions that the next chapter of the Prime Wars Trilogy, Power of the Primes, will be unveiled at the event. Continue reading for more on Hasbro’s plans!
In a video posted to the TRANSFORMERS Facebook page, Hasbro has released further information about HASCON offerings and events. Ben Montano and John Warden, representing the Transformers brand and design teams, detailed highlights for the HASCON experience: meet-and-greets with the teams, appearances by Peter Cullen, Frank Welker, and Stan Bush, an unnamed toy exclusive, and toy reveals for the Movie and Masterpiece lines. Perhaps most interestingly, HASCON will break the first reveals for the Power of the Primes franchise!
It all happens Sept. 8-10 in Providence, Rhode Island! Thanks to ZacWilliam of the Allspark forums for sharing this with us.