MP-15/16E – Cassettebots vs Cassettrons Announced

It has been five years since they first battled but now their fight has been given a Masterpiece level upgrade.
Exclusive to TakaraTomy Mall it’s MP-15/16E – Cassettebots vs Cassettrons. Stripes and Nightstalker fill out the Autobot ranks and they’re set to face off against Enemy and Wingthing. While three of the figures are mere repaints, Nightstalker is an all new Masterpiece mold of Steeljaw. This might also lend credence to the rumored list of upcoming Masterpiece figures of Twincast and Blaster.
Prices are set at 10,800 yen for the set of four and preorders open for them on June 27th.
You can scope out the listing at TakaraTomy Mall and then discuss this news with your fellow fans here on the Allspark.