Legends LG-42 God Bomber/God Ginrai Gallery And Review!

Japan always used to get the coolest stuff.  Transformers not released in the US, G1 cartoons we were deprived of as children… you know, the really important stuff.  That brings us to Legends God Bomber, who was originally an add-on to the G1 Powermaster Optimus mold, known as Super Ginrai in Japan.  Takara has remade both Super Ginrai and God Bomber in Legends, and today we will take a look at this combination.  Is this figure worth importing to complete the set?  Tune in after the break to find out!

I have heard that there were a few bad reviews for God Bomber when he was first released. I have largely avoided reading anyone else’s review in an attempt to look at the figure through my own lens.  Those who know me well from the boards know that while I have the tendency to forgive some shortcomings on a figure while I look for its individual charm, I have some design pet peeves that unleash the beast.  Some things are unforgivable, like Permacurl™ arms with no wrist swivel, shoulders that won’t peg, or panels and parts that are just designed to lay in place, with the hope they don’t pop out of position.  We have had our fair share of these sins in the past, so I was expecting some of them with the arrival of God Bomber.  Let’s give the figure a look.

Vehicle Mode
The vehicle mode for God Bomber is an armored trailer, just like the original, but he also double (triples?) as a base/battle station.  As a bonus, the command center panel opens up and will hold up to three Titanmasters.  While placing the Titanmaster that forms God Bomber’s head into the center seat, you may have to play with the placement to get the windowed panel to close.  It is a snug fit, but workable and worth the effort.  While the seated Titanmaster is not much of an issue, I have noticed that the blue panels that make up the forearms in bot mode and form the front of the trailer do not stay locked very securely.  While mine hardly fall apart at the slightest touch, there is a tendency to pop out if I grip the sides of the vehicle too tightly while picking it up.  Mildly annoying.  Other than that, I like this mode, especially when combined with the “trailer” on Super Ginrai.


Base Mode
This is probably my least favorite mode, but I was never into the base thing as a kid either. It is decently solid, if not mildly annoying due to the beginning of your origami level relationship with the wing apparatus (more on that later).  When this gets a domestic release, I can see kids of all ages (7-∞) enjoying it as a nice center gunner station among all of the other Leader Class base modes.

God Bomber Mode
Forming God Bomber is not too difficult.  I only had to look at the instructions for a moment to make sure I was flipping the wing panels in the right direction.  His forearms are formed by those blue sections of the trailer, and this is where some mild issues can begin for some owners.  There is some great variance on the quality control for this figure, and a small variance in tolerance on a pegged section can result in arms that do not form properly.  I have not experienced this, thankfully, but I can see where it could happen.  Once you get him formed, God Bomber is a decent figure.  He poses fairly well for a bot with no lateral thigh movement (the knees don’t count).  His shoulders peg in nicely enough as well, though it would have been nicer if the wings did not move with the shoulders. I like him well enough, and it is neat that they used Combiner Wars joints to connect the legs, which makes combinations like the one from the included comic such fun.  It is a good figure that gives off a slight Energon vibe, if Energon has done articulation and combining better.


God Ginrai
This is where the fun should begin, and don’t get me wrong, there is some fun to be had…after some anger, frustration, and maybe some NSFW language while you form this mode.  The feet go on relatively easily, and you won’t even need the instructions.  The forearm panels are also fairly simple, once you remember that the double joint on the center panel with the blaster is double jointed for a reason.  The biggest problem with forming God Ginrai is the front of the trailer, which becomes the chest.  As I previously stated, there is some origami level panel flipping going on here.  That would not be much of an issue if the instructions were clear about what was going on, but sadly, they are not easy to understand, and I was left very frustrated until I finally gave up and found a video review done by someone clearly more intelligent than I was.  Once you split the chest, flip the parts out, flip other parts in, rotate the arms down and the legs up…you have a decently solid chest harness that locks into place nicely…if you didn’t break it in frustration.

The combined mode is semi-stable, if not a bit top heavy.  The ankle joints add some stability, but only slightly.  You can get God Ginrai into a few decent poses, but for some really dynamic scenes you will need a figure stand of some type.  The figure looks very impressive on a shelf, sword in hand, ready to rend Deathsaurus in battle.

Final Thoughts
Is God Bomber worth importing?  Honestly, only if you are a completion-ist, or do not mind risking a loose figure on a coin toss of a chance.  I think it is likely that the upcoming Hasbro release, or the God Ginrai set coming later this year will have better QC, and I would recommend you wait if you have not yet purchased him.  He is neat, but not “I spent $70 plus shipping and all I got was a loose pile of parts” neat.  Save your money, give it time, and enjoy him when he gets re-released.  You and your children (if you let them play with your Transformers) will thank me for it.