IDW’s Transformers Lost Light #6 Review

Rodimus and his crew attempt to get home, but Functionist Universe Rung needs to destroy Luna-2 to stop the Council’s domination of his Cybertron.


Thoughts and Synopsis

I can admit when I was wrong. I’ve been a bit harsh with Lost Light as a series since Megatron showed up in the Functionist Universe. My qualm was that Roberts was using the oppression in that parallel universe to give Megatron a second chance as a revolutionary. That essentially Roberts was treating Megatron as a self-insert character who could now be a revolutionary “the right way.” I’m still partially convinced that’s true. That being said? It’s being handled expertly.
Terminus, for those who may not remember, was a mining comrade of Megatron. He proofread his early political writing and inspired him to keep pursuing his goal of social change. One day he just vanished. He was, in fact, rescued by the time travelling Necrobot. He joined the Lost Light crew on the Necroworld, alongside Roller. Terminus, having missed Megatron’s moral compromises that lead him down the path of totalitarianism and genocide, was a comforting figure to the now-reformed Megatron.
It played off of what we as readers were meant to feel. He was a mentor to Megatron in his earlier days, before his moral fall from grace. He was an advocate for change in an era where reform was the just cause. Of course he wasn’t an extremist, of course he was reasonable. Of course he was a good guy. One thing though, lost on most people. Terminus was the one who, before he vanished, convinced Megatron to become the Decepticon movement’s single leader and to take a no compromise approach to negotiations. The advice that started Megatron down the path of the tyrant.
We have to keep that in mind and ask ourselves one question; could it be that Terminus isn’t the moral compass we all assumed he’d be? After all, he’s spent most of the Functionist Universe storyline urging Megatron to stay in the parallel reality, even after Megatron makes it clear he wishes to remain with the Lost Light crew. Through all the excellent social commentary and storyline revelations this arc has brought us, one could look back after Lost Light #6 and see these issues as the story of Megatron and Terminus. The real Terminus. A ‘bot with a strong moral conviction, but perhaps also more of an ideologue then we had previously suspected.

Final Thoughts

Soundwave has said that the Decepticon movement lost its way with moral compromises. They began to embrace the idea that the ends justified the means. Terminus has always been presented as a ‘bot above that. Now we see that he’s gotten his wish. Megatron will stay in the Functionist Universe to lead a revolution the “right” way. Megatron himself closes the issue out with a new slogan. Peace through empathy. It embodies a noble idea. To topple a corrupt system you must win the hearts and minds of the populace. Even though at the top.
Can Megatron truly succeed in this goal though? Can his better revolution that aims to avoid the pratfalls of his previous attempt truly come to be when it’s all based on a moral compromise? Once again Megatron’s actions are tainted by the idea of the ends justifying the means. Even if he doesn’t realize it.
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