IDW Visionaries Comic Confirmed?

IDW Publishing have released via Bleeding Cool a checklist of comic issues relating to their upcoming First Strike crosssover, which seems to hint at an upcoming comic series based on the Visionaries toyline and cartoon! Read on for the details!

The checklist, seen at right, includes the upcoming “season finales” for the Hasbro Universe comics, the First Strike event itself, and then the new #1 issues which will be released in its aftermath. These include the previously announced G.I. Joe: Unmasked and Rom & The Micronauts team-up series, but also a mysterious third comic, obscured with a ‘CLASSIFIED’ stamp. However, a few glimpses of letters are visible in the gaps, and the Allspark is reasonably certain that they spell…


Yes, it would appear that the Knights of the Magical Light are coming to the IDW Hasbro Universe. Check out our comparison with the ‘classified’ image below. The final S has been quickly bucket-filled in the original away to try and hide the name better!

This isn’t the first suggestion that the Visionaries could be making their way into the Hasbro Universe – back in Revolutionaries #3, we saw a hieroglyphic design in the Tomb of Amtoltec which resembled the animal totem chestplates of the Knights!
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