IDW Transformers: Lost Light #7 Review

The crew of the Lost Light has escaped from the Functionist Universe. Most of the crew decides to ponder the future post-Megatron. Others on the Necroworld look to settle old scores.

Thoughts and Synopsis

This is a board-setting issue. The Functionist Universe arch is over and the next chapter of Lost Light is ready to begin. As such the action is in low supply. Thankfully strong character work is not.
The issue starts off with a few snippets of life on the Necroworld. Rewind and Chromedome tell a flattered Rung all about his alternate-universe self being a figurehead and inspiration to millions. Anode and the reborn Lug hold each other in the spark flower fields as Anode confesses everything to her significant other. And Rodimus is using the base of Megatron’s torn-down statue to rally his troops. It’s this story that provides the most of the plot going forward.
Rodimus’ plan is to use a dead Decepticon named Skip who transformed into a tiny space ship as a transport using the mass displacement technology. The ship will be large enough for Rodimus to lead a strike force that can capture the Lost Light from Getaway. The plan goes ahead despite some misgivings. We don’t have time to focus on the implications of mutilating a corpse for transport, however. Minimus Ambus declares that Ultra Magnus is dead!
The implications of that actually drive most of the story. Rodimus needs Ultra Magnus/Minimus to whip his skeleton crew into shape and get the SS Skip ready for launch. Minimus’ character journey to attempt to salvage the Ultra Magnus mantel forces both his captain and himself to examine Megatron’s legacy. Both as a tyrant and as an Autobot seeking redemption.
The spectre of Getaway looms over more than Rodimus and his quest for vengeance. Tailgate’s issues in the wake of Getaway’s manipulation force a heart to heart with Cyclonus that leave both shaken. And put a weary ‘bot in position to get some payback.

Final Thoughts

This was a fine issue for what it was. Action and world building are in short supply, but that’s ok. The Functionist Universe arch is over for the time being. The next stage of the Lost Light story seems like one that will actually get the fanbase excited. Rodimus is focused on getting the Lost Light back, and presumably restarting his quest for the Knights of Cybertron.
We all know that the Knights quest was never the point. It’s an excuse to travel with these characters and watch them grow. That being said? It’s nice when we return to the plot’s rails. The book doesn’t have to be about finding the Knights. It’s just nice when the goal is on the characters’ minds.
The heart-wrenching stuff this episode centres on Tailgate and Cyclonus. Their relationship has been controversial to say the least. That being said? Tailgate’s response to everything since the end of More than Meets the Eye is both truly heartbreaking and heartwarming at the same time.
Finally? Megatron. This seems particularly poignant thanks to recent Twitter happenings. The discussion of Megatron and whether he deserves redemption after all the terrible things he did is brought up. It’s not an in-depth conversation, but it shows that it’s an issue on both the author’s mind and the minds of the characters. Roberts won’t condemn Megatron, but he’s also willing to concede that he doesn’t deserve a blank cheque either.
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