HobbyJAPAN Releasing “Diaclone World” Book With DVD Bonus Content

Preorders have appeared for a HobbyJAPAN book entitled “Diaclone World.” Slated for release in July, not much is known about the book other than that it will come with a “digital data collection” DVD that will apparently feature Diaclone catalogs and television commercials.

The book has been listed at hobby retailers including HobbyLink Japan (LINK) and AmiAmi (LINK). It arrives hot on the heels of another tome detailing pre-Transformers history, Nippon-ICS’s “Takara SF Land Evolution,” which was published in April. (LINK)
If you absolutely can’t wait for Diaclone goodness, check out Transformerland’s ongoing and exhaustive translations of the catalogs that came packaged with many of the Autobot and Decepticon ancestors. (LINK)