Hasbro CEO on the Future of the Transformers Movie Universe

Hasbro CEO Brian Goldner

What’s next after Michael Bay? This is only one of the topics touched on by Hasbro CEO Brian Goldner in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter. What went wrong with the Battleship movie? Is there still a place in the toy industry for the Boys vs Girls model? What would Optimus Prime look like if he had Brian Goldner’s face?
While no director is attached to the sixth Transformers movie, due in 2019, Goldner is confident they’ll meet that date. No story has been confirmed but Goldner says¬†“We own several hundred characters in the mythology. People don’t know much about their home planet. We’re in the process of thinking about what is the next story to tell.” Does this mean we may be heading to Cybertron in a future film?
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