Diaclone Expo 2017 Update: Cosmo Maneuver Head, Clear Powered Suit, more!

TakaraTomy.co.jp has updated with images of some Diaclone items to be released as exclusives during Diaclone Expo 2017 in Akihabara. More details after the jump.

The update shows two exclusives:

The first is a new version of the visored head that originally came with Diabattles V2 Cosmo Maneuver Type. This head is colored to match the standard Diabattles V2 color scheme.

The second is a translucent variant of the Powered Suit C Type, which also includes a translucent Raid Chamber and accessories.
These will be available at Takara’s booth at the Expo on July 8, and according to the website, some will be made available on the TakaraTomyMall website as well, with new details to follow. The show is slated to feature a full-color prototype of the next major release in the series, Big Powered GV, which has previously only been seen as an unpainted test shot.
The update also included some new official photography of the upcoming Powered Suit enhancement units, the Gyroseptor and the Dart Loader. These are scheduled to be released in the third quarter of 2017 and are already available for preorder online at most major hobby retailers.

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