Allspark Review of Pete’s Robot Con

2016 was a sad year for a lot of Transformers fans. It marked the end of a convention that had been around for literally as long as I have been alive. I thought that I’d never get another experience like Botcon ever again, until a couple of days ago when I was at Pete’s Robot Con which was hosted by former Botcon team, Pete Sinclair and Jesse Wittenrich.  
 The con took place on June 24th & June 25th in Covington, Ky. We arrived late in the afternoon on the 25th in time for the meet up at Darkness Brewing. Everyone seemed to be having a fun time and we got to see some friends from The Allspark as well as Pete & Jesse. After the Brewery everyone left for the private showing of Transformers: The Last Knight. 
Friday was reserved for the people who had preregistered for the con. Saturday was when all the fun stuff happened.
First thing when we got there on Saturday, Pete was opening up the unreleased G2 Megatron Combat Hero! Who does that, right? It was fun watching him try to rip the little guy out of it’s packaging. What was even more entertaining was me taking all the blurry photos of the figure in front of everyone in the room. If you were there, the girl that was standing right next to his table video taping was me trying to get a good shot. So much for getting a good shot.
Soon after that, it was on to face painting by Jen Pilott. Who did a really awesome job with making all the little kids look like Transformers and the grown women looking like fairies (for the men it was Zombies). There was also a Cosplay Contest that took place right after Pete’s panel.
The main event though seemed to be the figures that would have been the Botcon 2017 exclusives. People were gathered around these figures trying to get good close ups of them as well as touch them because they knew they would never see them in real life again. The would-be Botcon Exclusives were the grand prize for the blue raffle ticket holders. They ended up going to Allspark user Repugnus; who is not interested in ever selling them if I may add.
My favorite part of the con though wasn’t seeing any of the figures; it was getting to see my fellow Allsparkers. Being around friends is what made this con and it’s also what made Botcon such a legend. It’s more than just being about Transformers; it’s about being around like minded people and not feeling left out for once in your life. That is what Pete’s roBOT CON is all about.