Allspark Art of the Week Showcase for June 10th 2017

Hello. nerds! Welcome to Saturday, the weekly tribute to the Allspark Art Showcase of the week. This week we’re looping back to customized figures. These can come in all shapes and sizes. Some offer embellishments to existing character paint jobs while others create a completely new character based on a previous Hasbro mold.
This week we have something in between with Allspark user Year Zero‘s (Formerly known as Corvus) Titans Return Galvatron converted into the much loved, but oft forgotten G1 comic colors (As well as the original toy and box art).
Year Zero has taken some liberties with a new head and some traditional comic book style ‘black line art’ around the features. Check it out below and click on the image to hit up the full gallery in our Iacon Art Institute forums and be sure to let him know what you think!