Putting a Number on the Movie Transformers’ Destruction

From stomping the Witwickys’ birdbath to laying waste to Chicago, the Autobots and Decepticons of the live-action movies excel at destruction. But just how much damage have they caused?
That’s what the people at UK-based iCarhireinsurance.com quite naturally wondered in the weeks before the release of Transformers: The Last Knight. So they went back over the first four films to count up every car, tank, and building a robot damaged or destroyed, and published their analysis. Their final verdict? Transformers have caused £7,291,087,669 in damages–in US dollars, over $9.2 billion!
The article goes on to break down just who was responsible for what. The Decepticons are unsurprisingly the source of nearly all of that devastation; the Autobots cost humanity a mere £12 million. The most destructive individual was The Fallen, who attacked the most expensive single item, an aircraft carrier. And Shockwave evidently targets cars more than anything else.
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