Transformers Trademarks: Bumblebee Logo & “Cybertronics”

Over the past few days, Hasbro have filed a couple of interesting trademark applications related to the Transformers brand. Read on for details!

Bumblebee Logo

The first application, submitted on 9th May, is for a stylised logo of a bee. This almost certainly relates to the so-called “Bumblebee Movie”, the 2018 prequel film set to focus on the ubiquitous yellow Autobot. It should come as no surprise that Hasbro is gearing up for a marketing push already!


The second application, made on 10th May, is for some called “Cybertronics”. While “Cybertronic” has sometimes been used as a synonym for “Cybertronian” in the past, in this context, some kind of electronic play feature seems most likely. Hasbro are experimenting with “smart” toys in the The Last Knight’s AllSpark Tech subline, and it seems like we may be getting more!
What do you think about these new trademarks? Looking forward to the ‘Bee Movie? Intrigued by Cybertronics? Sound off in the Allspark Forums!