Transformers Legends LG47, LG48, and LG49 announced

News dropping via preorder listings at BBTS we now know the names and rough release dates of Takara’s next Legends offerings.
LG47 is a two pack of Kickback and Crowbar. Kickback is obviously the G1 Insecticon but Crowbar is more of a mystery. Is it a brand new Titan Master or simply one of Hasbro’s that Takara hasn’t used so? Those hoping Takara would release all 3 Insecticons with matching schemes (and not sticker remolding) in Legends are also probably disappointed we’re only getting Kickback.
LG48 is a two pack of Gong (aka Brawn) and Repugnus. No mystery there, except possibly the colors on Brawn. His Titan Master available in the Transformers Legends LG-EX Head Master Set wasn’t particularly show accurate so one wonders what shade it’ll be on the figure itself.
LG49 is Target Master Triggerhappy. Odds are he’ll be coming with a dedicated Targetmaster much like Takara’s Hot Rod and Kup do.
Sadly no pictures of these have surfaced yet but we’ll post them as soon as they do.
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