Transformers: The Last Knight Premier Edition Barricade Gallery!

Barricade was one of the cooler Decepticon designs from the first Transformers movie, and he is fortunately back on the force as of the Last Knight.  Have you been able to detain him in stores yet?  Check out our gallery and review to see if this perp is worthy of pursuit!

The figures from the first Transformers movie were a mixed bag of results for me.  I was not a huge fan of the designs, but it was my favorite property on the big screen, so I forgave a lot.  Many were troublesome to transform, some had parts that did not peg securely, and a few had gimped out articulation, but Transformers in cinemas made me lose my mind for bit.  I eventually grew to hold quite a bit of disdain for everything prior to Age of Extinction, expunging basically everything from previous lines from my shelves, banished to a dark box in my storage bin, waiting for the day I had time to put them on eBay.  I’m glad that has not happened yet, because this new Barricade has caused me to rethink my stance on the older figures, starting with our evil police car himself.

Vehicle mode
Barricade’s car mode has been upgraded into a modified Ford Mustang Saleen.  At first, I was a little underwhelmed by the new look.  It wasn’t as aggressive as I remembered, but that is mostly due to me not being a huge fan of the Saleen’s look, which looks a little too much like an import, in my opinion.  Still, having both vehicles side by side, I think this look is growing on me.  It appears broader and yet sleeker than the original.  The grill is spot on the way it looks from the on-set images we saw back in August of last year, but for a “Premier Edition” figure, he is missing a lot of the markings we also saw, as well as a few car parts.  What is missing?  Let’s see:

  • 867 markings from bottom of door, front of the car, and the back of the roof
  • “Keep calm and hail Megatron” from the right rear fender is replaced by a duplicated “to punish and enslave”)
  • Custom spoiler
  • Rear window louvers

Despite of the lack of details, the car looks great with the robot mode wrist cannons mounted on the back, and I will also give this mold bonus points for a fairly easy transformation.  He is reminiscent of G1 Jazz in many aspects of the setup, and it really makes me want a resurrection of the movie character in this body, though I know it will never happen.  :/  Anyhow, having to shoot him alongside the original version made me pull it out of storage, and I have renewed my love for that look as well, especially in regards to the robot mode.

Robot mode
Here is where Barricade shines.  While I do not have to see all Transformers in perfect imitation of human bipedal form, I appreciate it when we get it.  Barricade’s body has a very sporty, super-hero look to it.  He looks power, and kind of reminds me of an officer in riot gear.  Weapon storage is reminiscent of an evil Robocop, as he can store his pistol on his right thigh.  The human aspect of the character’s look is contrasted by a very non-human head.  He has 4 spider-like eyes and a mouth formation that mimics chelicerae.  It is the perfect way to get an evil, monstrous Decepticon and leave room open for a heroic face/head for an Autobot.  Fingers crossed the repaint is someone we know and love.

Overall, though this mold lacks some details from his on-screen appearance, the figure more than makes up for it in play value.  The transformation is difficult enough to be fun, yet not overwhelming.  Older kids will enjoy him, as well as adult fans.  He is an imposing figure that looks great on the shelf, and I think he is the prelude to some great movie molds for The Last Knight.