TakaraTomy Upcoming Releases Leaked! MP12+, SixShot, Doublecross, and MORE!

With the announcement of MP-39 Sunstreaker last week, people had been speculating on what Takara-Tomy might be up to with their other lines.  Thanks to a post from our friends over at Planet Iacon, we have leaked listings for what Takara-Tomy have in store for November and December releases.
According to this list, MP Sunstreaker will be released in the December of this year.  In addition to the Sunstreaker release date, the listing goes on to reveal the new Legends releases as well as an unexpected MP announcement beyond Sunstreaker!

That’s right… MP 12+ Lambor!  Let the speculation begin on this one in our forums!
As far as the Takara-Tomy Legends news, we see from the list that they upcoming figures for November will be LG-50 Sixshot, LG-51 and LG-52 are Doublecross and Misfire (who are both listed as Targetmasters).  LG-53 Broadside is also listed.  There is little surprise that Broadside is getting a Legends release.  The question is will he have more paint apps in-lieu of foil stickers?  Unfortunately, we will have to wait to find out as no photos of these figures are available at this time.
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