The Starfinder Envoy Class Preview

Paizo has just tweeted out the latest reveal in their upcoming Starfinder game by giving us a taste of the Envoy character class. As we get ever closer to GenCon, more and more reveals are expected. Check it out the flavor text quote below and then proceed directly to Paizo’s site to see the full reveal.

You make your way in the universe with a charming smile, quick wit, and keen sense of self-preservation, and excel at getting others to do what you want. You might be a trickster, hustler, or con artist, or you might serve as an actor, ambassador, or businessperson, paving the way for negotiation through kind words or the occasional dirty trick. You are often the group’s strategist, using your quick wit and tactical acumen to push your friends to greater heights. You may also be skilled in diplomacy, serving as the face for a starship crew, talking your way into restricted systems or gaining audiences
with local politicians or warlords.

Illustration by Miroslav Petrov