Security Alert – Ransomware infections reported worldwide

In more serious worldly matters we’ve recently seen a report of a worldwide ransomware series of infections on computers that will lock you out of every file on your PC making it completely useless and then be demanded to pay $300 dollars to the criminals to unlock your files. There’s no other way to fix this issue and here are some details¬†from BBC by clicking here.

This isn’t the first type of malware that has infected many computers. Names such as CryptoLocker and all of its variants have been around for years. This issue in particular is bad because once you get it the malware has the ability to copy itself throughout a computer network without any direct intervention on the user’s behalf.
The two big key things to remember is to make sure you have good anti-virus and anti-malware software installed and up to date on your computer. I both pay for and recommend Malwarebytes and Webroot. Both are not free but offer great protection that keeps you locked out of malicious websites and will live scan anything you download.
Secondly – keep all your important data files, whether they be documents, images or other created content backed up on a remote server or drive. Even in a worst case scenario you can do a bare metal restore on your computer and reinstall your purchased software, but the things you’ve created with that software will be gone forever.