New Transformers TLK Coca-Cola Ad Puts Bumblebee against Barricade

Thanks to Instagram user adam.glam, we have a video of a new Coca-Cola commercial which features Transformers: The Last Knight characters Bumblebee fighting against Barricade.  The video originated from a Chinese video streaming service known as Youku.
Although our Chinese language skills aren’t as good as that probably should be, we’re able to conclude from the commercial that a young woman is purchasing a Coca-Cola from a vending machine when Bumblebee appears to be protecting her from Barricade.  For some reason the Decepticon cop seems upset that the woman didn’t choose Pepsi.  Once the fighting concludes, Bumblebee analyses the woman’s purchase and appears to be so pleased with it that he invites her along for a ride.
To add to the tie-in with the upcoming film, special edition Chinese Coca-Cola cans will be available.
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