The Last Knight Toy News Round-up: Scorn, MP Barricade, and Build-a-Bear?!

Thanks to information posted on Weibo, we have our first peak of the new Voyager Scorn figure.  Like the other figures in the line, he will be packaged in his robot mode.  Nothing really new about the images of Scorn himself.  This hopefully shows that he will be hitting retail soon!

Next piece of news comes to us via a new listing on Amazon Spain.  The exciting and unexpected news that there will be a Masterpiece Movie Barricade figure!  It had been known that there would be an MPM-05 figure but the identity had been a mystery. The price is 94 Euros (about $106 usd).  No images available at this time, but we’ll report back as soon as they are available.

Lastly, as if completely out of left field, comes a movie tie-in toy line that no one saw coming!  Build-a-Bear Workshop took to their website to announce that you can now create your own Transformers: The Last Knight Bumblebee or Optimus Prime inspired bears!  Each bear is equipped with posable arms and a soft face mask that can be pulled back to reveal the bear’s face.  They have different sound chips you can put in your bear as well as an Autobot hoodie, pajamas, and sleeping bag and top it off with Optimus Prime Slippers!!