Amazon Deal Alert – Platinum Edition Classics Optimus & Megatron 2 Pack Nearly Half Off!

If you’re a Megatron or Optimus completist who has been waiting for the ‘One Shall Stand One Shall Fall’ 2 pack of Classics redecos to go on sale it’s your lucky day. The set which normally retails for $74.99 is on sale for $39! And free shipping too. Continue reading for the details.
Check it out on Amazon here.
While the Classics Prime recolor may be part of a crowded field (though the Platinum level paint apps and translucent plastic stand on their own) the predominantly red deco on the Classics Megatron mold really stands out. And since both of these toys are big enough to be a Voyager at this point in the line it’s a pretty nice deal.
As an added bonus if you’d like to end the hunt for Titans Return Roadburn (aka Chase) while you’re ordering you can do that here. And if you’re into the Funko 8″ vinyl figures Optimus Prime is on sale for $24.38, over half off here!


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