Allspark Art of the Week Showcase for May 13th 2017

It’s been a long time since we started doing art showcases here on The Allspark. But as we’ve been getting the art community back together and inviting new folks in to participate, the dust has come off the art forums once again.
This week’s inaugural showcase gallery is from one such new user who has jumped on to indulge the community.
We are happy to welcome Jacey04! His first submissions to the forums have started off with a bang with this customized Soundwave movie figure.

Dark of the Moon’s Soundwave has always been one of my favourite movie Transformer designs (And favourite Decepticon in any continuity). It’s a shame he only lasted for one movie on Earth and would like to see him resurrected in some way in future movies.
My reasoning of creating a bigger “Leader” sized Soundwave is because I was disappointed with the original Human Alliance Soundwave which to me was subpar to others of the same line and scaled really small, even smaller than Bumblebee. I wanted a big menacing size for my favourite Decepticon that probably looked like he could topple Megatron himself if he wanted to.
The entire built of this custom was made from the death of multiple Autobots. Savagely destroyed 2 Bumblebees, a Battle Ops and Leader class. Along with parts from an Ultimate Optimus Prime, 2 Skyhammers, and unfortunately 2 Decepticon Starscreams. All this topped with a Mercedes SLS AMG remote control car ripped to pieces for Soundwave’s car features.

Check out the full gallery on the forums here and be sure to keep an eye out for future showcases which will feature all levels and media of artistic creations.