Walmart Exclusive Ultimate Spider-Man and Vulture 2-pack!

The Walmart exclusive Ultimate Spider-Man and Vulture 2-pack is out, and I am excited to finally have more Hasbro made Ultimate characters to add to my collection.  Check them out after the break!

I had fallen out of reading comics during the time the Ultimate Universe was really a thing. Once I returned to the fandom, this was one of the more enjoyable series I missed.  Since it has been awhile since the debut, I was really never expecting to see any of these designs in figure form, but the Spider-verse story line from 2014 revived the idea of making alternate forms of Spidey a thing, as we were able to go back and love some of the more memorable changes in his costume, as well as a few new variations.  The last few waves of Spider-Man Legends have given us multiple Spider-Women (May Parker, Ashley Barton, Gwen-Stacy, etc.) as well as numerous variations of Spider-man, such as Ben Reilly, Otto Octavius, Miguel O’Hara and Spidey-UK.  There are no signs of stopping and I am personally happy to see that.
I may be in the minority.
Anyhoo, this 2-pack brings us the Ultimate versions of Spider-man and the Vulture.  It is a great chance to get a Peter Parker on the teen buck, and honestly, I think I prefer the colors here, as they are much brighter than the ones from the single-pack release.

The new method for attaching the wings means he looks great with or without them. They can easily be added or removed by pulling the pack out like a plug.  The wings slide over posts that attach into the back of the figure.  They attached very solidly, and show no signs they will fall out.  I hope future winged figures will have this style of setup.

Vulture looks very sinister with helmet or without, so I am really liking this figure.  My only complaint is the shoulder mechanisms.  They used the “double-jointed” shoulders, which can really add some dynamic posing ability to the arms and battle stances.  This can be a double edged sword, however, as Hasbro’s plastic tolerances on joints can be all over the place.  My Vulture’s left arm is quite to manage when posing.  I hope no one else gets that issue.

While you may not need another Peter Parker, this one is colored slightly brighter, and the 2-pack is the only way to get this version of the Vulture.  While I expected we may see the mold again down the line, who knows how long that will take.  I think this set is worth a shot, and I recommend it for fans of the Ultimate Universe, or anyone that just likes cool winged figures.