TRU Exclusive Chaos on Velocitron Gallery!

The TRU Chaos on Velocitron set has been elusive for many fans, perhaps as elusive as dominion over the power of speed, found on the planet for which this set has been named. If you are search of this power for yourself, check out some quick pics we were able to snag of this rapidly appearing and disappearing set after the break!
 I have to admit, I live in a great distribution area.  I found this set days after it was first sighted at a TRU in the Dallas Metroplex.  I wasn’t actually looking for it, which is probably why I found it (and a Nintendo Switch for my kids….yeah….my kids).  Since then, lucky fans who do not live near a Toys R Us have been able to get one online, at this link here.

There are some definite pluses and minuses on this set.  It has the feel of a Botcon set, which I LOVE, and I hope this type of thing is a behavior Hasbro repeats many times in the future, because there are way more pluses than minuses and I am always up for a great remold/repaint that is not the same character.  I won’t go into a full review since these have been out for a few weeks, but I would like to touch on a few points for each figure.
This guy is beautiful.  His colors clearly indicate who he is, and he has lots of paint and sparingly used decals (#stickerssuck).  While he could have benefited from some remolding (a slightly different beast head would have been great), it definitely does not break the figure. The only minor issue I see with Quickswitch is that his “helmet” comes down too far over his eyes in robot mode, but fortunately, that can be adjusted for, so it not a true concern.

Laser Prime
Another visually striking figure, Laser Prime is the only figure I will begrudgingly admit needed decals (but seriously, #stickerssuck), but only because I am sure a tampographed design of the same nature as the image in the decal would have been difficult to pull off…or at least that is what I am telling myself.  Laser Prime appears to have better QC in the joints than the first release of this mold.  He is much tighter in the hips, and his arms stay posed much better.  Additionally, his neck spikes stay put better than the ones on the first release.  While I can’t say I like this mold much more than the original, I do like what Hasbro has done here, and getting the Titanmaster and triple changer play patterns out of this figure add tons of value.  He is definitely worth adding to the collection.

Fastclash (Fastlane)
The G1 clones were always a little nebulously designed when it came to their alt-modes, and Fastclash is basically G1 with joints, so you know what you are getting.  He’s not quite a deluxe, and not quite a legends class figure, falling somewhere in between.  It is clear when looking at some of his parts that he shares a mold with his mold brother clone, Cloudraker, who I assume we will see in a future set.  His limbs seem a little stubby when compared to the G1 figure, but they are in proportion to the new body.  The spoiler not having a new use other than to stick to the back of his head is a little annoying, but again, not a deal breaker.  Nice additions to this figure are a seat for Titanmaster figures and his heat change decal, imitated on his chest with a non-changing tampographed image.  All in all, Fastclash looks great and is a fun little figure with nostalgic appeal while bringing in some new elements to make him fit the current play pattern.

Dear Hasbro,
If you make figures from the IDW comics, especially MTMTE and Lost Light, I will give you all my money.
A Rabid Fanboy
Nautica is a repaint, remold of the ever useful Blurr mold.  She comes in her distinct color scheme from the comic, and has a vehicle mode that is made close enough her own by the addition of some plug in hover-fans.  It’s not exactly her alt-mode in the comics, but it will do.  My only real issue with the figure is that the head is not Nautica enough, which I will admit is probably a double standard since I am able to forgive the alt-mode, but the face makes the character, and I think the Titanmaster gimmick here leaves her looking much less like herself than she should.  Even so, it’s an IDW character made into a toy, and I will gladly take many more done like her, just to get those wonderful bots on my shelf.
Thanks, Hasbro!

Rodimus Prime
This was one of the guys I was initially really excited about, but the execution has left me liking him the least out of the set.  He looks nice enough.  They made a new face for the body and everything…but they made what I believe to be a huge mistake: die-cast in the face.  The face is metal, which means it will not give.  As a result, the details are softer than I would like, and another side effect is that the Titanmaster neck, which becomes the neck for Rodimus in combined mode, does not move.

I had to remove the face plate on mine just to be able to get the head in a nice neutral, forward facing position.  I think that whoever designed this face did not take into account that it might be painted completely, or that the tolerance for metal against plastic is slightly different.  All I know for sure is that having a metal Titanmaster face and ball socket means Rodimus Prime will never sit atop anyone else’s body.  If there is a chance they might make an actual Rodimus, I hope they remove the metal for the next release.

Overall, I think this is a very solid set.  It has tons of play value, is set at just the right price, and gives us figures I did not expect to get.  In spite of the few minor concerns, this is definitely a set you need in your collection.  Get one now!