Transformers The Last Knight Premier Edition Decepticon Berserker Gallery!

The dry spell has ended, and while many have been focused on new Titans Returns figures, figures from Transformers The Last Knight have begun to land in stores.  I love the design on the Berserker, and was really looking forward to getting him.  Did I like figure once I had him in hand?  Follow after the break to find out!

I’m not going to lie.  After 4 toy lines full of figures with the movie aesthetic, I have been feeling a little burned out.  I swore to myself I would not fall back into the movie toy hype.  I would remain strong.  I would not buy a single one.  Well, maybe that Megatron…and that dragon…and that…OK.  I give.  I will remain strong, but I need many of the new molds, especially the Decepticons.  They look too fierce and impressive to skip out on.
Just when I was hoping to not spend money, I came across the first 4 movie “Premier Edition” figures at Target and I was “obliged” to buy at least a few.  Bumblebee looks phenomenal, and I may go back and get him, but I knew with no doubt in my heart that I had to have the Decepticons.  So let’s look at the Berserker…

Robot mode
Berserker is probably one of the more “fun” figures in a Transformers movie line I have seen in awhile.  The figures from Age of Extinction were better than many from the previous 3, and I like where they are starting with this guy.  He has the deadly look of the Decepticon “Dreads” soldiers from past movies, but with a much more dynamic body style.  This guy looks like he will kill.  I mean, he kinda looks like the Predator, The Fallen, and Sweetums from the Muppets had some unholy love child, but it totally works for him.  Adding to the demonic look are blood red paint marks on his chest and arms, and the redness in his claws makes him appear to have a penchant for slashing human prey.  You definitely don’t want to get in his way.
The Berserker is fun to pose if not a little difficult to get to stand in some poses.  The balance is OK, though you may have to use the heel spurs to keep him upright on occasion. I think there is little to complain about in this mode, other than maybe some slight annoyance at limited neck articulation due to the dreds.

This is where I have to dock him some points.  He is not nearly as frustrating to transform as figures from movie lines past, but getting some of the panels to line up and stay pegged can take some work.  I did so without the instructions, figured I was doing something wrong, then realized that a) the instructions really do not help, especially with the arms to car mode, and b) I was doing everything correctly, the pieces just have to land just right.  Fortunately, after a few tries, he does get significantly easier.
Vehicle mode
Hey, it’s another police SUV that should clearly be backup for Barricade.  Sadly, the scale for Berserker and Barricade is not quite right in vehicle mode, but I can forgive him a little due to the amazing robot mode.  He looks nice enough in this mode, but his feet are not obscured nearly enough.  The panel lines are somewhat distracting as well, since some of them do not line up as closely as I would like.  Still, he’s not horrible looking, and he also seems to peg better the mode I transform him.  I’ll deal with it.

Overall thoughts
If you have been experiencing aesthetic fatigue, or you were frustrated with the level of difficulty from previous lines, I think this figure will still be something you want to buy.  He has none of the issues in robot mode that many older movie figures suffer from, and the transformation is not horribly frustrating. While robot mode is simple enough, I might not recommend this figure for younger children.  He has some sharp parts that are tiny and could pop off and get swallowed.  Kids 8 and up will love him though.  Go out and get reinforcements for your Decepticon army now!