Review – Tales from the Yawning Portal

Tales from the Yawning Portal
Behold the Splendor

Tales From the Yawning Portal had its wide release this week and it has been well worth the wait. A Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition adventure book contains seven self-contained adventures for characters of various levels.
Tales from the Yawning PortalCurrently available from your local game shop, which is always a good idea to support, you can also pick this up for quite a discount over at if the local shops are not in your area or are currently out of stock of this best selling game.
Starting off with a brief introduction chapter the book gets right into the adventures starting with the low level game that kicked off 3rd Edition and has had quite a following since – “The Sunless Citadel”
In each adventure (listed below) the book enjoys the genre and world playing of many different official D&D worlds and settings from days of the past beyond just the current contemporary setting of The Forgotten Realms. Some even contain no real ties to anything as they range from the mid 1970’s through the modern 21st century releases that span nearly every previous version of D&D.
Here’s the complete list, in alphabetical order:

  • Against the Giants
  • Dead in Thay
  • Forge of Fury
  • Hidden Shrine of Tamoachan
  • Sunless Citadel
  • Tomb of Horrors
  • White Plume Mountain
Plenty to do but not constrained

One of the key features in this set of modules is a nice respite from the other content heavy campaign books that have been coming out the past few years. The other books, such as Storm King’s Thunder or Curse of Strahd for example, are very complete and heavily detailed, but Tales from the Yawning Portal does indeed offer a set of nice separate adventures that Dungeon Masters can feel they can easily slip into their own campaign worlds.
That said, there is still plenty of meat in each of these modules. They are very detailed, somewhat revised and contain numerous maps and new monster entries.
More to Come
Overall, I’m very pleased with the book as I’ve dug through it to get a taste of the content. I certainly plan to run these adventures with my current party when they eventually leave the dark and dreary land of Barovia and I will certainly break these adventures down into individual reviews and commentary.
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